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Comparative analyses of easing COVID-19 restrictions in different countries provided valuable experience for a transition into a new normal

Professor Gabriel Leung at HKU SPH co-authored an article in the Lancet on the implementation and removal of travel restrictions as part of the measures used to control COVID-19. It is important to consider balance between public health and the need for ongoing societal and economic activities. This paper developed a comparative framework taking prerequisites needed for easing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions including but not limited to community engagement and public-health capacity, and evaluated approaches taken by nine high-income countries in Asia Pacific and Europe. By doing so, they provided valuable information about how each country can better prepare for adjusting COVID-19 restrictions with varied speed, scale and intensity for a transition to the new normal after this pandemic.

Read more about this paper here:
DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(20)32007-9

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