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The HKU School of Public Health hosts the WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control. Members of the WHO Collaborating Centre are involved in the response to COVID-19 and conducted a range of scientific research projects.

This website has been created as a platform to share information on the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. We will use this site to share the latest scientific findings and the implications for evidence-based public health policies on COVID-19.

Academic Staff

Research Staff and Students

Dr Jessica Y. T. Wong

Dr Xinxin Hao

Dr Tiffany W. Y. Ng

Dr Greta Tam

Mr Damien A. Philippon

Ms Eunice Y. C. Shiu

Ms Faith Ho

Mr Ho Ming Chan

Mr Ho Man Leung

Ms Hui Ying Chua

Mr Julian Li

Ms Min Whui Fong

Ms Huizhi Gao

Ms Jingyi Xiao

Ms Nicole Tsang

Ms Qian Xiong

Ms Tramie C Wu

Ms Weixin Zhang

Ms Wey Wen Lim

Ms Yanmy Xie

Mr Yiu Chung Lau

Ms Yun Lin

Mr Zonglin Dai

Ms Caitriona Murphy

IT Staff

Mr Anson Ho

Mr Tom Lui

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